🔑Create OpenRouter API Key

Create an account if you don't have one at https://openrouter.ai.

Step 1: Add credit balance

If you don't have any credit balance, go to https://openrouter.ai/account#credits and click "Add Credits", then follow instructions to enter your billing information.

Otherwise, skip this step and go to Step 2: Create a API key.

Step 2: Create a API key

Visit https://openrouter.ai/keys and click "Create Key".

Step 3: Enter key name

In this step, you can set credit limit for this specific key to avoid overuse or keep it blank for unlimited use.

Step 4: Copy the API key. Keep it secret.

Please notice that you won't be able to view the key again for security reasons. If you lose this secret key, you'll need to generate a new one.

Now go to Add API key and use copied API key to create new endpoint.

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