✨Getting started

MindMac is freemium application, that means you can use it freely with some limitations and have option to upgrade to premium version.

Add API key

After downloading and installing the app, you need to add your own API key to start exploring ChatGPT with MindMac. At the first time launch the app, you can follow below video to add quickly an API key.

If you want to add more API providers, just going to Add API key page for more instructions.

To get API key from AI providers, check below articles.

With the free version, you can try it freely with two limitations:

  • Create up to 5 conversations

  • Use Inline mode up to 20 times per day

Activate license

In the case you want to upgrade to premium version, checkout at here. Once payment has been successfully, Paddle (MindMac's payment gateway) will send you an email included a license key. Now, let go to Activate license page to see how to activate the license on your Mac device.

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